Heby Municipality

Soluppgång över åker

The Municipality of Heby, with 13,900 inhabitants, is located in the north-west corner of Uppsala County and offers proximity to Stockholm, Uppsala, Västerås and Arlanda. We market ourselves as an equestrian municipality – Häst i Heby (Horse in Heby) is our brand. The municipality features a thriving small-business climate with more than 1,500 companies and a wide array of clubs and organizations, as well as wilderness areas, a vibrant agricultural community, a roaring river and vast floodplains.

Our vision is;
The Municipality of Heby – a growing rural municipality with proximity, security and quality of life.

Community and logistics characteristics
E-commerce is the largest sector, with logistics operations in both the municipal sector and sub-sectors, such as pharmacy, children’s clothing and media & entertainment. Most large-scale establishments are located in Morgongåva, an area located 7 kilometers west of Heby. Notable logistics companies in the municipality include Adlibris – a leading online book retailer that belongs to the Bonnier Group, and Apotea AB – an online pharmacy that has expanded its logistics operations in Heby following substantial growth in recent years. The four-largest logistics providers in the municipality are PostNord, DB Schenker, DHL and Best (formerly ASA).

The four-largest users of logistics services for e-commerce are Adlibris, Apotea, Babyland and Discshop.

The municipality has approximately 33 hectares of land available for logistics operations and a strong feature in Heby’s logistics offering is the low price of land for large-scale establishments.

Transport access and characteristics
The closest port is the Port of Västerås, which is less than one hour’s drive (59 km) to the south-west. The port has an alongside depth of 6.8 meters to accommodate large vessels, and cranes capable of lifting 280 tons. The Port of Gävle is 140 kilometers away, and the Port of Stockholm 110 kilometers away.

The nearest dry port, Årsta Terminal, is located in Stockholm, 115 kilometers away. The closest intermodal terminals are in Västerås, 59 kilometers away and Rosersberg (Stockholm Nord), which is 84 kilometers away.

The closest airports are Västerås Airport and Stockholm Arlanda Airport, which are 63 and 83 kilometers away, respectively. Highway 72 passes Morgongåva and Heby, connecting Sala with Uppsala, where it then connects to the European route E4. The Dala Line, a 265-kilometer railway line connecting Uppsala with Mora, also runs through the municipality and passes both Morgongåva and Heby.

Municipal support, experience and incentives for logistics
The Municipality of Heby has actively participated in the formation and development of the Morgongåva Business Park over the past five years. The Park currently hosts two companies, Adlibris and Apotea, with annual revenues that have risen from zero to almost billion SEK figures.

The municipality supports and promotes the business environment by offering low-priced land and fast-tracked reviews of priority projects. Detailed-planned land is readily available.
The Municipality of Heby cooperates with high schools throughout the Stockholm-Mälaren Region and purchases the places in educational programs that are requested by businesses, industry and students. Mälardalen University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Uppsala University are located within a 60-kilometer radius.


Population: 13,900
Employees in logistics, transport and supply chain: About 100-500 people

Contact: Ann-Marie Sundgren
Business Development Manager
Phone: +46 224 361 21
Email: ann-marie.sundgren@heby.se

Address: Heby kommun
Tingsgatan 11
SE-744 88 Heby

Website: www.heby.se

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